Hurricane Prep? There’s an App for That

Hurricane iphone appsWhen you’re planning an emergency preparedness kit, think beyond water bottles and batteries – those in hurricane areas might want to load up their smartphones with some of these apps!

The Miami Herald compiled a list of useful apps to track hurricanes and help in the aftermath. These are particularly useful since Google has enhanced its weather forecasts and Public Alerts to better track hurricanes and provide more details on storms in a web search.

A few of the apps recommended:

  • NOAA RadarUS – Hi-resolution Animated weather radar images are available through this app, along with forecasts, severe weather warnings, and precipitation displays ($1.99)
  • Red Cross Hurricane App – The Red Cross offers two apps – one that includes a flashlight, strobe, and alarm; the other includes first-aid advice for a variety of emergency scenarios
  • Weather Channel – The cable network’s free app includes the high-quality forecasts and information featured on its programming
  • Know Your Plan – Developed by the Insurance Information Institute, this app helps users plan ahead with preloaded and customizable checklists

Any other apps you’d include? Share your recommendations in the comments section.

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