DRI In the News: Radio, Safety, and the ‘Hack du Jour’

News arrowsMedia outlets from all over have been seeking out DRI’s take on the major issues of the day. Here’s where we’ve been featured recently:

  • Big Blend Radio: DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky was invited to the show to discuss disaster recovery and preparedness steps all businesses should take. You can listen to her segment and the entire program here.
  • The New IP: Tech writer Ariella Brown interviewed DRI President and CEO Al Berman on recent cyber attacks on Target and Sony as indicators of what he called “the hack du jour,” and why companies can’t become complacent to cyber threats.
  • CSO Online: Berman was quoted in the article “Hostile Nations Have Breached U.S. Infrastructure. But Don’t Panic,” noting that “having access and doing damage are two very different consequences,” of cyber intrusions.
  • USA Today Magazine Article: Berman wrote a featured article for the magazine, “No One Is Safe” (PDF at the link), saying, “The nation needs to create an environment that will foster the open exchange of information and subject matter expertise to combat the damaging acts of cyber Bloomberg Enrivonmental Compliance Bulletin Articleterrorism.”
  • Bloomberg BNA: In its Environmental Compliance Bulletin, both Berman and Demrovsky were interviewed for Best Management Practices in “Preparing for the Worst: Business Continuity After Disaster.” (Click the article image to read.)

Keep an eye on drii.org/news.php to see where we’re featured next.

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