Liven Up Prep with This Zombie Running App!

Zombie runningLooking for a way to engage employees in continuity, crisis response, and preparedness — and help support health and fitness? Try chasing them down with zombies (with a little help from this app)!

That’s the premise behind the Zombies, Run! app you can download to your smartphones. Choose from 200+ “missions” and your run will be narrated to make you feel like you’re starring in World War Z.

Anyone can remember emergency procedures under normal circumstances — but you’ll know the lessons are sinking in if they can do it while avoiding hordes of the undead!

It’s officially endorsed by Communications Director Buffy Rojas-Leach’s fleet-footed son Tano. Says Buffy: “He was so psyched that he immediately wanted to go out and run for another 30 minutes to find out what happens next and collect more supplies for his base.”


Download it for free from the Apple App Store. There is a Droid version too.

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