DRI in the News: Flint Water Crisis, Chipotle Troubles, Zika Virus, and More

News - Today's NewsSeveral high-profile crises are in the news cycle, and media outlets are speaking with DRI to better understand how organizations can prepare and respond. Here are some of our most recent appearances:

The Zika Virus

  • DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky gave a Spanish-language interview to Yahoo on the subject, including the virus’s potential impact on the 2016 Olympic Games, and
  • The Sun Herald asked DRI to weigh in on who is most at risk of contracting the virus.


  • Following a series of food safety issues, including a recent E-coli outbreak, Supply Chain Matters‘ Bob Ferrari talked with Demrovsky about the difficulty in restoring consumer trust in a brand once it has tainted.

Flint Water Crisis

  • Demrovsky appeared on MSNBC to discuss how lead exposure from Lake Huron’s drinking water will affect residents’ future, and
  • LifeZette used the DRI perspective to help explain what the crisis in Flint should mean to you.

Look for more stories featuring DRI on our News and Events page!


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