DRI in the News: Pharma Hacks, Disease Threats, and More

Glasses on newspaperWhen looking for lessons to be learned from recent disasters and events, the media turns to DRI International for perspective. Here are a few recent examples:

  • DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky talked with GCTV’s Bill Miller on the importance of working with the private sector to be prepared before, during and after human or natural disasters.
  • “Why hack the FDA?” is a question JD Supra Business Advisor put to DRI President Al Berman, as it investigated the uptick in hacking attempts on Big Pharma. “One of the reasons this is being done is for stock manipulation,” he said. “If you can find out where somebody is in the testing phase for a drug … if you can figure out where they are in that cycle or how well it’s going, I think that’s tremendous information, with different reasons than every other hack you’ve seen.”
  • Following a cyclone that ravaged Fiji, Demrovsky spoke with Newstalk ZB about a potential post-storm threat: stagnant water. Demrovsky said even the smallest puddle could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying viruses. “When a cyclone comes through, there tend to be a lot of places where there are puddles. It can breed in standing water as small as a tablespoon,” she said.
  • Demrovsky also shared her insights with Quartz for its feature, “Don’t Fixate on Things You Can’t Know: Everyday Business Lessons from Disaster-Response Experts.”
  • DRI Nigeria‘s Philip Keshiro was interviewed on EKO 89.75FM, where he offered insights about why business continuity is the modern way of managing disasters. (Note: Sound quality improves at the 2-minute mark.)

For more of DRI in the media, follow our News and Events page!

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