DRI Kicks Off Veteran Outreach Program

Soldier and doctor shaking hands with flag on background - United StatesOn April 29, DRI’s Veteran Outreach Committee kicked off its first meeting since its establishment at DRI2016 in Atlanta on Mar. 7. The purpose: to help military service members transition into the corporate sector and into the field of business continuity.

The outreach program currently has three goals:

  • Professional Development – Training recently-transitioned and soon-to-transition veterans in the skills and resumè builders to drive career opportunities
  • Outreach and recruitment – Educating both DRI certified professionals and external organizations on the value of hiring veterans, and
  • Mentoring – Providing resources for transition assistance, career progression, fields of interest, networking opportunities, and other development services.

As the program continues to develop, the committee will work to connect with other companies and organizations whose missions support the needs of veterans as well.

The kickoff meeting included the opportunity to formally establish the committee’s Strategy & Development team, which will create goals for progress and evaluate the committee’s needs and expectations in the coming months.

If you’d like to be part of the Veteran Outreach Committee and want to know how you can be involved, email Larry Chase at lchase@humana.com, or Alan Lake at alake@amgen.com.

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