Survey: Employees Take More Cyber Risks with Work Devices

Smoking LaptopFirst, the good news: employees and senior management are more aware of the importance of data security. The bad news? They’re still twice as likely to take risks on work equipment as they are on their own devices.

Two studies polled 1,000 employees and 250 IT managers from businesses across the UK on their perceptions of cybersecurity. Awareness is on the rise: 44% of employees feel their company has placed greater emphasis on data security, and 60% of IT managers say they’ve taken action as a result of recent high-profile attacks.

But the majority of employees describe themselves as the biggest threat to IT security (31%), followed by hackers (30%). And 12% say they’ve never received any IT security training, even though 80% of IT managers claim to train on the subject at least once a year!

Employees might believe they’re a security threat because of the risks they take on work devices:

  • 5% of employees would be “very likely” to open an email from an unknown sender on their own devices – but 10% would on work equipment, and
  • 14% would be “very likely” to open email attachments with unrecognized file extensions on personal devices – jumping up to 27% on work equipment.

But they take those risks out of a belief that their work equipment is more secure than their personal equipment.

Want to beef up your cyber awareness? Learn more about DRI’s IT/DR Planning workshop.

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