DRI in the News: Zika Threats, Grid Cyberattacks, Food Supply Chain Woes, and More

Glasses on newspaperIn the wake of recent world events, media outlets seek out the DRI perspective for insights businesses and the public can use. Here are a few recent examples.

  • The threat of the Zika virus continues to dominate headlines. DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky weighed in with Risk Management Magazine on employers’ responsibility on allowing an employee to travel to an area where Zika is present. She also spoke with Conde Nast Traveler on the virus’s potential migration to New York City.
  • Is a cyber attack on the U.S. power grid possible, as Nightline anchor Ted Koppel warned in his recent book? DRI President and CEO Al Berman downplayed fears for CSO Magazine. “The big [industrial control systems] still require manual intervention,” he said. “There are manual bypasses occurring all the time – people are manning centers around the clock.”
  • Chipotle’s food safety woes are still a concern to the public, representing the challenges the food industry faces in today’s supply chain environment. Speaking with Food Logistics, Demrovsky said:

It’s a constant balancing act in terms of where you invest. When you add complexity to a process or a program, there is potential for an elevated level of supply chain risk. Organizations need a program to constantly manage the risk and its effects as they emerge, especially as the suppliers are constantly changing.”

For more on DRI in the media, follow our News page!

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