Animals Vs. Power Grids, Take 2: Monkey Breaks Kenya

Cheeky wild African Vervet baby monkeyIf you thought it was bad when a weasel shorted out the Large Hadron Supercollider, you haven’t seen anything yet — it only took a single curious monkey to cause a nationwide blackout in Kenya!

Kenya Electricity Power Generation Company (KenGen for short) actually has electric fences set up specifically to keep wild animals out – but that didn’t stop this vervet monkey.  It climbed onto the roof of the Gitaru Power Station and fell onto a transformer. The transformer tripped and caused a domino effect, tripping off other transformers and setting off a nationwide blackout.

The blackout knocked out lights, severed internet service, and paralyzed countless businesses for more than three hours before KenGen could fix the problem.

Amazingly, the monkey survived, and was turned over to Kenya’s wildlife services.

What will the next animal-vs.-utilities story be? We’re betting on a fox somehow shutting down a hydroelectric dam, how about you?


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