July Weather: Typhoons in China, Monsoons in Southeast Asia, Egg-Sized Hail and Sand Fire in the U.S.

RainMassive storms of all types rained down on countries throughout Asia, leading to extensive flooding, damaged homes and loss of life throughout the continent, according to the most recent Global Catastrophe Recap.

The Mei-Yu rainfall season hit China hard in July, leading to worsening floods along the Yangtze River Basein and impacting nearly 20 provincial regions. According to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, a combined 764 people were left dead or missing, and more than 800,000 homes and structures were damaged or destroyed. The agricultural sector was also hit hard, as an estimated 18 million acres of cropland were damaged by floodwaters (an estimated loss of $33 billion USD).

Super Typhoon Nepartak didn’t make it ashore officially, but its outer bands still struck portions of the Philippines, while damaging Taiwan and China most heavily.

Elsewhere, monsoon rains plowed through India, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia and Afghanistan, destroying thousands of homes and leaving more than 230 dead or missing.

In the United States, there were at least six separate outbreaks of severe storms and flash flooding from the Rockies to the east coast. Many were spawned by the hot and humid conditions that create a “Ring of Fire” thunderstorm pattern. Estimated economic losses are at least $1.5 billion USD.

The most significant impacts occurred in parts of Minnesota, where up to egg-size hail and winds gusting to 80 mph left widespread residential, commercial and vehicle damage, mostly via Downed trees and power lines.

Meanwhile, a sand fire charred more than 41,432 acres in California’s Los Angeles County and killing two.

To read the complete report, click here.

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