Active Shooter Tops List of Threat Concerns for U.S. Companies

Gun on deskWorkplace violence overwhelmingly topped a list of safety concerns for large companies in the U.S. – but how many of them are actually taking steps to prepare for such an event?

A recent survey
polled security and emergency management professionals at 888 organizations, with a focus on companies with more than 500 employees. The top 5 threats of concern:

  • Active shooter – 69%
  • Natural disaster – 67%
  • Workplace violence – 62%
  • Cybercrime – 49%
  • Terrorism – 38%

Despite that concern – which has grown for 79% of executives over the past two years – the vast majority of respondents (79%) said they weren’t properly prepared for an active shooter situation, citing communicating to people inside the building as the biggest challenge.

But many companies aren’t taking steps to prepare for something they view as a top threat. While 28% say they run an active shooter drill once a year, 61% don’t run any such drills.

The survey sends a clear message – once you recognize a potential threat, you have to take steps to actively prepare for it, especially when it comes to communication and practice.

Last year, DRI’s Michigan office took part in an active shooter prep exercise. To learn more about it, including the Department of Homeland Security’s “Run. Hide. Fight.” training scenario, click here.


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