Survey: 70% Think Cyber Security is Just the IT Department’s Problem

businessman hold umbrella in server roomFor many organizations, there’s still a disconnect between perceived cyber security and actual ability to withstand a cyber attack, according to a recent survey.

A research report of 200 British businesses found that 74% feel they are currently secure – though half of those same companies also reported having previously experienced a cyber attack. And while 87% of businesses reported having some form of business continuity plan in place, less than half of them said they had secure practice guidelines for employees.

Part of the disconnect is the view that cyber security is only IT’s problem. 70% said the IT department is responsible for handling security threats, and almost two thirds believe cyber security isn’t their department’s responsibility.

Among the steps the surveyed businesses do have in place:

  • Secure practice guidelines – 48%
  • Secure practice induction briefings – 47%
  • Monitoring emails for phishing attempts – 31%
  • Penetration tests to assess likelihood of an attack – 27%
  • Dedicated security executive – 25%

The findings once again drive home the importance of communicating that cyber security affects every part of the organization, not just IT – meaning every employee needs to know what they and their departments can do to minimize and manage risks.

Click here to read the survey.

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