Disaster! Hits the Theater (Sort Of)

disaster-musicalFinally, there’s a series of catastrophes you can laugh at – as long as it stays on the stage. Are you prepared for … Disaster! The Musical?

Now playing in London after a run on Broadway earlier this year, Disaster! The Musical is a musical comedy spooking the 1970’s genre of disaster cult films – including Earthquake, The Swarm, The Poseidon Adventure, and Airport 1975 (which already got a pretty good roasting with Airplane!, of course).

Set in a floating casino/disco in 1979 New York City, the cast gambles, dances and sings all while a series of natural disasters hit, made worse by the building’s lack of safety measures, which start with the fact that it was built on a fault line, causing earthquakes throughout the show.

Want to catch it? You can sign up for updates when it comes to your area. In the meantime, you can watch this preview from the Today Show:

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