October Disasters: Hurricane Matthew Hits Hard

Hurricane MatthewAccording to the latest Global Catastrophe Recap, October’s Hurricane Matthew heavily impacted the southeastern U.S., as well as the Caribbean and the Bahamas – but its effects could even be felt as far north as Canada.

Hurricane Matthew’s devastation was keenly felt in the southeast, with a death toll of 49 and heavy flooding for weeks in North Carolina, a large portion of which has gone uninsured. Damage to the region are expected to be as high as $10 billion USD.

In the Caribbean and Bahamas, the official death toll reached 552 (546 from Haiti), though unofficial totals may reach 1,600.

Moisture from Matthew eventually traveled up the coast, bringing flooding rain and high winds to parts of Atlantic Canada with damages estimated in the $10 million range.

Typhoons caused widespread damage in Asia, including Super Typhoon Chaba in South Korea, which claimed nine lives, Super Typhoon Haima, which landed in the Philippines and China within a week of each other, killing 16 and damaging or destroying almost 115,000 homes.

Click here to read the complete report.

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