Expect Higher Hurricane Risks in the Northeastern U.S.

Superstorm SandyHurricanes aren’t a threat only the Gulf Coast has to prepare for. New research tracking hundreds of years of data has concluded that the northeast is in for more powerful storms, too.

A study led by Durham University, UK,  tracked the gradual shift in weather patterns from the western Caribbean towards northern North America, going back 450 years. Their findings: increasing carbon dioxide emissions have expanded atmospheric circulation belts, pushing Atlantic (Cape Verde) hurricane tracks further north, away from the western Caribbean and towards the Northeastern U.S.

Hurricane Sandy, of course, is a prime example of extreme weather impacting the region – costing the U.S. tens of billions of dollars in damages.

The study warns that if the trends in carbon dioxide and industrial aerosol emissions continue into the future – as currently expected – the risk of hurricanes on the northeastern coast will likely grow even higher.

Translation: now is the time to lock down your severe weather plans.

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