You Can Be a Winner at the Game of Volcanic Disaster!

volcano eruptionIf you’ve ever used tabletop board games like Pandemic as a teaching tool for disaster prep – or just for fun – here’s your next disaster-based activity: Volcanic Disaster!

“The Eruption Prediction Game” aims to actually teach players about 34 of the world’s most active and dangerous volcanoes, and different volcanic hazards, while offering a fast-paced gaming experience that relies on observation and quick decision-making to save lives.

From the description:

Your job is to gather the right precursors and predict eruptions, all while avoiding false alarms, accidents, sneaky players, and other complications. Matching the right hazards with your Volcano gives you extra points – but watch out for the Disasters, they’ll make you lose points. The player with the most points wins.”

Sounds like a pretty good way to drill on preparation and response – and if for your more visual learners, the game’s website also sells HD videos of hot lava flowing!

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