Domino’s Dumps Reindeer Delivery service

Cute Baby ReindeerContrary to what Santa Claus may have you believe, reindeer aren’t actually a great way to transport supplies – a lesson Domino’s Pizza just learned the hard way!

Just one week after announcing it, Domino’s Japan has canceled its reindeer-based pizza delivery system. They pretty quickly figured out why reindeer aren’t in regular transportation rotation – they continually shook their antlers, dislodged the pizzas from their delivery pouches, and refused to actually stop at delivery locations.

The program was part of a push to demonstrate a new GPS delivery service that would allow customers to monitor their order’s path through Hokkaido’s regular blizzard conditions, where temperatures often drop into the low 20’s. It even noted the advantages of using a reindeer in its action plan – that it “didn’t need a license,” could “carry heavy items,” and came with “no costs.”

Of course the disadvantage here was “is an animal.”

That doesn’t mean those hungry for pizza won’t get a visit from some kind of reindeer – Domino’s just motorized the process, outfitting delivery scooters with antlers, ears, snouts and tails.

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