From Squirrels to Ransomware, The Top DRIVE Stories for 2016

Squirrel in a jumpWe’re about ready to say goodbye to 2016, so now is a perfect time to look back at the most popular stories – some concerning, some just ridiculous – featured in DRIVE this year.

  1. Squirrels or Hackers: Who’s the Bigger Threat to the Power Grid? (Jan. 15)
  2. DRI Tops List of Best Business Continuity Certifications (Jan. 29)
  3. Hospital’s Computer System Ransomed by Hackers (Feb. 26)
  4. 2016 DRI Awards of Excellence Winners Announced! (Mar. 9)
  5. Rodents Vs. Facilities: Weasel Takes Out Supercollider (May 6)
  6. Hospitals Face HIPAA Confusion Following Orlando Shooting (Jun. 17)
  7. Pokemon Go: InfoSec Threat! (Jul. 29)
  8. Nightmare Shutdown Hits Delta Air Lines (Aug. 12)
  9. NYC Chelsea Bombing: DRI Plans Activated, Resilience Proved (Sept. 23)
  10. So Who Turned Off Half the Internet? (Nov. 4)

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