IoT Alert: Watch Out for New Device-Bricking Malware

Internet of things IoTAnother day, another Internet of Things (IoT) security issue to watch out for. This time it’s new malware developed to brick devices around the world.

The new malware strain is called BrickerBot, and it corrupts devices’ store capabilities and reconfigures kernel parameters. Two different versions have been making the rounds since late March, both working in the same way to target Linux BusyBox based IoT devices.

First the malware attacks devices with open Telnet ports on the internet, using a list of default credentials. If the device owner hasn’t changed their defaults, Brickerbot pounces, writing commands with random bits to the device’s storage drives, hampering internet connectivity, and ultimately bricking the device within seconds of infection.

Radware, which first spotted the malware, has reportedly seen 1,895 attempts in the span of four days.

Who’s behind the attacks? That remains a mystery, since unlike other cyber attacks, there’s no real benefit, only destruction. However, there is a theory that some internet vigilante is attempting to teach a harsh lesson for inattentive users who don’t secure their devices.

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