Homeland Security Lessons from ‘King Kong Vs. Godzilla’?!

King Kong vs GodzillaSometimes you find professional inspiration in the strangest places. In the case of one blogger, it was the cheesy majesty of a monster-movie slugfest!

From “Homeys on Film: Homeland Security Lessons from Bad Movies,” writer Andrew Fox considers the very actionable takeaways from 1962’s battle between a giant ape and a radioactive lizard. Some of the highlights:

  • Be Willing to Increase the Intensity of Your Defensive Measure: The 300,000 volts used to fend off Godzilla in the first movie are boosted to a whopping million volts for the sequel.
  • What Has Worked in the Past Will Not Necessarily Work Now: “Homeland security defenders must accept the painful fact that their antagonists will learn and change” – in this case, those same power lines don’t work once Godzilla faces off with Mothra.
  • If Your Tool is a Hammer, Don’t Assume Your Foe Will Act Like a Nail: “If an army is heavy with tanks and self-propelled artillery, it will tend to want to use those tools… again and again. This is not necessarily wise. Tanks and artillery have never, ever, EVER worked against Godzilla.”

Fortunately, he doesn’t stop with just one movie – the series continues with lessons from Plan 9 From Outer Space and Captain America: Civil War. Click here for more!

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