Looking Into the Future of InfoSec Threats

Biometrics Security TechnologyThe Information Security Forum has released its latest Threat Horizon report, forecasting the most likely technology and cyber risks coming down the pike. What should your organization prepare for to be ready for 2019?

Threat Horizon 2019 presents nine major hazards businesses will most likely expect to face, under three themes: Disruption (from over-reliance on connectivity); Distortion (lost trust in integrity of information); and Deterioration (controls eroded by regulations and technology).

The report’s predictions:

  • Premeditated internet outages bring trade to its knees
  • Ransomware hijacks the Internet of Things
  • Privileged insiders coerced into giving up the crown jewels
  • Automated misinformation gains instant credibility
  • Falsified information compromises performance
  • Subverted blockchains shatter trust
  • Surveillance laws expose corporate secrets
  • Privacy regulations impede monitoring of insider threats
  • A headlong rush to deploy AI leads to unexpected outcomes

The report goes into greater detail and offers recommendations that will sound familiar for resilience professionals: identify mission-critical assets, build practice scenarios, and collaborate across the organization to mitigate impacts. Click here to download the free executive summary.

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