Worst-Case Coastal Flood Scenarios Getting Even Worse for U.S.

Streets and road invaded by mud during a flooding2The collapsing sections of Antarctic ice sheets could inundate coastal cities around the United States, making some cataclysmic outcomes more likely than previously considered, according to recent studies.

As a result, the federal government increased its worst-case scenario for rising seas by a quarter in January – up to an average of more than eight feet by 2100.

Meanwhile, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) report says the regional effects of gravity, along with ocean current changes triggered by the ice sheet collapses, could lead to a 12-foot rise in sea level – the height of a one-story house.

To illustrate these worst-case scenarios and help local governments and planners to prepare for possible future shoreline conditions, Climate Central published a report on Google Earth, including maps showing the potential impacts.

Also included is a list of the Top 30 Cities with the Most People on Affected Land. The top 10:

  1. New York, NY (832,000)
  2. Miami, FL (296,000)
  3. Hialeah, FL (225,000)
  4. Virginia Beach, FL (222,000)
  5. Norfolk, VA (201,000)
  6. Boston, MA (172,000)
  7. Fort Lauderdale, FL (159,000)
  8. Hollywood, FL (130,000)
  9. Stockton, CA (126,000)
  10. Pembroke, FL (123,000)

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