Big Data Security Risk: Bored Employees?

Coworkers Getting BoredHuman error has proven to lead to information security risks. And what’s most likely to cause human error? Bored, distracted employees!

In a recent snapshot survey, 35% of infosec professionals pointed to distraction and boredom as the main cause of human error, followed by heavy workloads (19%), excessive regulations (5%), social media (5%) and password sharing (4%).

Interestingly, those surveyed seem divided on whether people are ultimately responsible for curtailing security breaches. 57% said they think technology will ultimately replace employees as a way of avoiding human error – but 74% say it’s the responsibility of the employee to ensure their company avoids a potential data breach.

You can learn more about your responsibilities, the benefits and drawbacks of the tools and processes available to you, and how your organization can increase its preparedness, with DRI’s IT/DR Planning workshop. You’ll come away with the skills you need to create an IT/DR project plan – and gain management approval for it. Click here for more information.

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