IT Survey: Security Spending on the Rise while BCM Spending Lags

Network safety concept - server closed with padlock, database security.It’s no shock that with the constant barrage of incoming cyber threats, IT departments are boosting their spending on security. But is all that spending in one area hurting business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities down the line?

According to data from Computer Economics’ annual benchmarks study, IT departments in all sectors are placing their highest priorities on security and privacy, with 70% reporting increased spending in the last year – and none of them reporting a decrease. Other priorities:

  • Cloud applications – 67%
  • Cloud infrastructure – 52%, and
  • Business intelligence/data warehousing – 51%.

However, at the bottom of the list are mobile devices at 41%, and DR/business continuity at 38%. While it’s not too encouraging to find BC at the bottom of the list, it’s still an uptick from last year, when only 33% reported increased spending.

But it could also indicate that for many departments, disaster recovery and business continuity are still separate from cyber security – even though a malware attack can result in not just a loss of data, but of company operations across the board.

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