Announcing DRI Switzerland

Silhouette of Switzerland map with flagDRI International welcomes DRI Switzerland as its newest partner in developing resilient organizations worldwide!

“We are pleased to offer courses in this important market in the center of Europe,” said Chloe Demrovsky, President of DRI International. “We will be able to provide meaningful support for the local industry under the leadership of John Zeppos.”

DRI Switzerland will work to educate the local market on business continuity, IT/DR, operational and business risk, reputation management, cyber attacks, and other key components of today’s resilience landscape.

“The most unique challenge we face in Switzerland is the misconception that everything is always under control,” said John Zeppos, head of DRI Switzerland. “As a consequence, when the unexpected happens, the result can sometimes be panic and confusion, which proper business continuity training can help counteract.”

Another major issue: the European Union’s new data privacy regulation, coming into effect starting in May 2018. “This may seem like an ‘EU-only’ problem to many,” Zeppos said. “But that is because they have not realized that if their organizations possess, process or maintain customer data within Switzerland – or deal with EU companies – they are at the same position as EU companies are, meaning potentially huge fines out of nowhere.”

DRI Switzerland developed out of an aspiration to enhance professional knowledge and offer the highest quality training and certifications to organizations in the region. “We are really excited to be a part of this family, and we’re keen on supporting the global initiatives to educate, train and certify people, in order to make our businesses a safer environment,” Zeppos said. “We do hope to give people the opportunity to attend courses that have a practical, down to earth approach, more like a real life simulation of a BC professional’s day in the life, rather than just academic approach, and add value to their companies and their professional development by helping them earn globally recognized business continuity credentials such as the CBCP and MBCP certifications.”

Upcoming courses:

Business Continuity Review
BCP 501
Nov. 13-15
Zurich, Switzerland

Business Continuity Review
BCP 501
Dec. 6-8
Zurich, Switzerland

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