About DRIVE:
Since its inception in February, 2012, DRIVE has been DRI International’s forum for the latest news in business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency preparedness, as well as for updates and announcements regarding DRI and the DRI Foundation’s projects, milestones, and partnerships. From the serious to the sublime, DRIVE covers all aspects of the profession: BCP trends, best practices, front-page emergencies, cutting-edge tech headaches…even the high costs of a Godzilla attack, the perils of safely running a Jurassic Park, and which superheroes are huge cyber-threats.

DRIVE is available as a bi-weekly e-newsletter — click here to subscribe, and add driinfo@drii.org to your email address book so you’re sure not to miss a thing.

About DRI International:
Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) is the leading nonprofit that helps organizations around the world prepare for and recover from disasters by providing education, accreditation, and thought leadership in business continuity and related fields. Founded in 1988, DRI International has 14,000+ certified professionals in more than 100 countries and conducts native-language training in more than 50 countries, offering in-depth courses ranging from introductory to masters level, as well as specialty certifications. The organization’s annual DRI Conference brings together leading business continuity professionals from both the public and private sector to share best practices and participate in continuing education and volunteerism. Through its Collegiate Conferences series, DRI is partnering with universities to introduce students and faculty to this rapidly-growing field. As a recognized expert resource, DRI acts in an advisory capacity to international organizations and government institutions worldwide, helping to create industry standards and promote greater resiliency through public-private partnerships. DRI is a member of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’s (UNISDR) Private Sector Partnership (PSP) Working Group on disaster risk reduction and is also an ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization.

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